Already Much More Confident, Liverpool’s Redemption on Chelsea

Already Much More Confident, Liverpool’s Redemption on Chelsea

Already Much More Confident, Liverpool's Redemption on Chelsea

Liverpool In the first meeting this season, Liverpool must defeat of Chelsea at home. Opportunity to redeem come when The Blue’ re visiting the middle of this week.

In early November last year, Liverpool host Chelsea in the Premier League. Brendan Rodgers foster children had the upper hand when the lead through goals Emre Can in the 9th minute.

But these advantages do not last long. Chelsea equalized five minutes later through Gary Cahill. While the goal of Diego Costa ensure victory for the visitors.

Well, the two teams will meet again in the same place, on Wednesday (21/01/2015) pm dawn in the semifinal first leg of the League Cup. For Liverpool, this fight so the opportunity to reply to the negative results in the previous meeting.

Especially at this time children in the middle Merseyside nice atmosphere, armed with catatak unbeaten in the last eight games (6 wins, 2 draws). The situation is clearly different than the last meeting, where at that time they had swallowed two-game losing streak.

We started the game well that day and the lead, but then we made some mistakes and punished. Perhaps the major difference now compared to the time it is confidence in the team,” said Philippe Coutinho referring to the last meeting.

Castless the same players but we feel much more confident now. The taste of this confidence is getting higher and higher with positive results,” he added, as quoted by the Liverpool Echo.

Besides armed with confidence, Steven Gerrard et al. also has the advantage appeared in the cage first. Massive support of fans obviously going to be a great moral injections.

“It’s always special to play at Anfield and it gives a difference for us, when we played with the supporters behind us. The players feel different at Anfield,” said Coutinho.

The fans really spur and encourage you to give the best. Supporters can play a key role in this fight,” said he.