Borini Sure Can Fit with Balotelli

Borini Sure Can Fit with Balotelli

Borini Sure Can Fit with Balotelli

Liverpool Liverpool striker Fabio Borini, hoping to more often get a chance to be paired with Mario Balotelli. He sure can play well with Liverpool‘s new striker.

Borini is still difficult to penetrate the Liverpool first team. In the Premier League, a player who last season on loan at Sunderland was only performed two times and only once to be the starter.

Meanwhile, although the status as a new player, Balotelli quite often earn the trust of Brendan Rodgers to perform and has played five times in the Premier League this season. But until now, the players brought in from AC Milan was yet to tap his tally in the league.

So far, only two games Borini and Balotelli together there on the field. But in the second game was –melawan West Ham and Ludogorets– both equally never been on the field for 90 minutes.

Borini was hoping to get more opportunities than Rodgers to perform with Balotelli. Both came from Italy, the former AS Roma player was sure it would fit with Balotelli.

I’ve never played with him before and it was really good on the pitch,” said Borini told Sky Sports.

Not only because of the language, but we were born from the same idea about football, as the Italians, so it is very easy to understand each other even without speaking.”