Coutinho Want Old Uniformed Liverpool

Coutinho Want Old Uniformed Liverpool

Coutinho Want Old Uniformed Liverpool

Liverpool Contract Philippe Coutinho actually remained long with Liverpool. However, he wants to stay long in this club and be ready at any time to sign a new contract.

Coutinho since imported from Inter Milan in January 2013 was immediately become the primary choice manager Brendan Rodgers in the core team The Red’.

During the redred uniforms, Coutinho has had 77 appearances in all competitions and make 10 goals. Two years playing for Liverpool had already left the impression of sweetness for Coutinho.

He also admitted increasingly fixed and be there and open the chance to live longer and earn a new contract from the club management. Although today Coutinho has a contract for up to 3.5 years in the future or 2018.

“On my new contract is not so warm discussion at this time. But I would love to stay here longer and, perhaps, I could be one of the greatest players like predecessors. I want to win a lot of trophies here,” said Coutinho was quoted as saying Soccernet.

Furthermore Coutinho also called figure Rodgers had a major influence in the development since moving to England.

He’s a lot of help. He gave me time to adapt. You will be surprised with the physical game here. When you play in the UK, you must be prepared for two or three players ready to confront,” he continued.