After ‘El Tigre’ Removed at Old Trafford

After El TigreRemoved at Old Trafford

After 'El Tigre' Removed at Old Trafford

Manchester Manchester United’s new star All have played. The most recent issued of cage” at Old Trafford was none other than the most eagerly awaited: Radamel Falcao.

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Colombian international striker, who missed the World Cup in June-July last through injury, lowered in the remaining 23 minutes of the game Manchester United against Queens Park Rangers on Sunday (09/14/2014).

Public Old Trafford directly to rumble when Falcao removed” from the bench and warming up. From them came the cry: Hey Falcao, lambaikanlah on our hands!” Falcao heard it, and fulfill the request. Perkenala which is fitting.

Falcao, nicknamed El Tigreaka ‘The Tiger‘, does not seem awkward so go into the field to replace Juan Mata. From the beginning he was (trying) confident that he was worthy to inhabit one of the biggest clubs in the world.

This is a really big challenge., But I‘ve played in four countries and is always able to adapt,” said Falcao in the early days was in Manchester.

For less than half an hour to act, Falcao was not scoring. But he made a shot that could have resulted in a goal, if only goalkeeper Robert Green did not move quickly to prevent it. In total, he needs a touch of the ball 19, with a 91% pass accuracy.

Very happy to debut in Old Trafford and for all the support I received from the first day inManUtd.” Similarly, the expression once expressed appreciation Falcao via his twitter account, after the diving debut.

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