Falcao: When Gambling MU Memboyongku of Monaco

Falcao: When Gambling MU Memboyongku of Monaco

Falcao: When Gambling MU Memboyongku of Monaco

Manchester Radamel Falcao calling Manchester United’s move to bring him as a gambling. Despite the severe injuries suffered by long-experienced, recognized his condition has not been 100% recovered.

Precisely on January Falcao suffered a severe injury to the ligament. The injury forced him to give up the operating table and another big blow because he had to miss the 2014 World Cup.

Despite more than half a year later, calling himself Falcao is still overshadowed by the injury. Until last summer Colombian striker was called if he was still not fully returned to the condition prior to the injury. However MU still come to ask for her hand, although the status of the loan.

Manchester United’s gamble to me when his condition was very difficult.’s A very difficult year, not just in terms of my professional career,” said Falcao in ESPNFC.

What happens in the beginning of the year affect me at all, but it also helps grow as a human being, to think about a lot of things to be done,he continued.

Although it is still a player on loan from AS Monaco, Falcao will be referred to a permanent contract from the Red Devils at the end of the season. It will be a highly anticipated moment Falcao because he plans to settle at Old Trafford in a long time.

“In terms of what I think and the future, I want to stay at Manchester United until the next few years. I still need time to be in okay condition, but I felt very comfortable in the field, in harmony with oneself, with the ball and also the game this, “complete striker who last weekend had just opened his goal account when MU‘s 2-1 win over Everton.