If Gerrard Liverpool Faster Tawari New Contract

If Gerrard Liverpool Faster Tawari New Contract

If Gerrard Liverpool Faster Tawari New Contract

Liverpool Steven Gerrard rejected a new contract at Liverpool. If the new contract offered faster, Liverpool will not get a rejection of the captain.

This season to last season Gerrard in a Liverpool shirt. Midfielder who is now 34-year-old will leave the Reds at the end of the season when his contract runs out.

Liverpool instead was offered a new contract to Gerrard. They have to do that at the end of November. Offer from Liverpool is a contract extension during the season.

However, Gerrard rejected. He chose to leave the club that he had defended since the age of 8 years. After the season ended, he would pursue a career in Major League Soccer (MLS) in the United States.

If only Liverpool bid a new contract more quickly, for example, before the 2014/2015 season starts, Gerrard would have accepted it.

Yes, if the contract offered to me in the preseason, I will sign it,” Gerrard said in an interview with the Liverpool Echo.

I retired from England for the sake devote all my energy to Liverpool,” he added.

My injury was very good record in the last two and a half years and from a personal point of last season I had a good season,” said Gerrard.

Another thing that solidify Gerrard to leave Anfield is play time that began to be reduced by manager Brendan Rodgers. He several times so reserve despite being in a fit condition.

The period between the summer until the end of November to give me time to think,” said Gerrard.

No one is to blame and I am not angry about it. There are others in the squad and the club also has other things to think about,he said.

“I do not blame the manager or anyone else in the club,” said the father of three children.