Liga Spain Delayed because Affairs Salary Players

Liga Spain Delayed because Affairs Salary Players

Liga Spain Delayed because Affairs Salary Players

Jakarta – delay the kick-off competition a country not unusual. Even the class competition Spanish league has ever postponed implementation with important reasons.

In the 2011/2012 season, the first week of the Spanish league schedule pushed back from the original August 20 to 27 of August. Why, at that time there was a big problem unresolved.

Association of Spanish players (AFE) has threatened to boycott the competition if their demands, namely repayment salaries of players, never resolved. Boycott threat came after the last meeting between the AFE with the league authorities – the day before the scheduled kickoff– not see the meeting point.

Because there is no agreement, then for the first time in 27 years, the Spanish league competition begins not fit the original schedule. The delay applies to La Liga and Segunda Division – with a total of 42 clubs.

Players association was then forced authorities to guarantee the league clubs’ debts to the players. Apparently, until just before kick-off, more than 200 players always paid late, or even not yet fully settled for two years! The total debt of the clubs on the players reach 65 million euros.

After a series of meetings, found a new resolution between the parties, and the competition can begin a week later. Following the schedule that has been made, with the exception of the first week was moved to January / February.

Delay it, and change the schedule does not change the agenda of the other games. Villarreal still play a qualifying round of the Champions League, while Athletic Bilbao, Sevilla and Atletico Madrid also undergo its Europa League competition.

In Indonesia, the government through the Ministry of Youth and Sport on Wednesday (18/2) and then decided to delay the kick-off competition Indonesia Super League (ISL) in 2015. The reason, not all administrative requirements are met clubs applicants, especially those relating to the financial statements such as TIN, tax and contract players. Associated players, for players tend not to have these powers when their rights are ignored club, especially about non-payment of salaries that often occur.